Patch reviewer

Injects a "Review" button for all .patch file attachments on drupal.org. Opens the patch file with diff syntax highlighting (removed/added/control lines) and minimal PHP syntax highlighting (comments), and allows to comment on it.

  • Select lines in the diff to enter a patch review comment. Select further lines if the same comment pertains to other lines as well. Press "Save" to store a comment.
  • Click on existing selections to edit a comment or select further lines. Press "Delete" to delete an existing comment.
  • Press "Hide deletions" to only see the final resulting lines; useful to remove noise when reviewing complex code logic.
  • Press "Hide" to temporarily read the issue, retaining your patch review comments.
  • Press "Paste" to insert all comments including selected lines into the issue.
  • Use the jump menu in the sidebar to quickly jump to individual files or hunks in files.


Pressing the TAB key after certain character sequences automatically completes or converts the entered characters into a full string, and moves the cursor to the next best input position.

  • HTML: Type <ul to get <ul></ul>, <block to get <blockquote></blockquote>, etc.
  • Usernames: Type @s to get @sun, @sl to get @slantview, etc. Only usernames contained on the current page are available.
  • Issue URLs: Paste http://drupal.org/node/123456 and hit TAB to get [#123456].
  • Comment #IDs: Type #42 and hit TAB to convert it into a link to the corresponding issue comment. #0 links to the OP.

Commit message generator

Scans an issue for the top contributors and generates a template that follows the documented best practice for commit messages.

Also allows to select the primary contributor for proper git author attribution.

Image attachment embedder

Injects an "Embed" button for image attachments to quickly insert uploaded screenshots into an issue follow-up.

Recommended browser extensions to speed up uploading of file attachments: